An Outline of Zhoushan

Geographical location: Zhoushan is located between 121°31′-123°25′east longitude, 29°32′-31°04′latitude, situated on the East China Sea at the south - east part of the Yangtse Rive Delta off the Hangzhou Bay. Bordering main cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo and facing the Pacific Ocean, it’s an important gateway of inland places to the outside world and the juncture of water arteries linking south and north China with the Yangtse River,presenting a fanshaped radialization towards the new and developing cities in Asia-Pacific area.

Topography & Landforms: Zhoushan islands belong to hilly landforms. The total coastal line amounts to 2448 km, amount which 1855 km are rocky coast, making up 75.8% of the total length, 530 km are manmade coast, making up 21.6% of the total length, 50 kilometers are grit coast, making up 2.1%, and 13 kilometers are silt coast, making up 0.5% of the total length.

Natural Climate: Zhoushan falls under subtropical monsoon marine climate featuring a mild temperature all the year round. The annual average temperature is around 16°C and the annual average rainfall is about 927 to 1620mm.

Administrative Divisions: Zhoushan is the sole city of archipelago in China, which has jurisdiction over two districts and two counties:Dinghai District, Putuo District, Daishan County,Shengsi County.

Area & Population: Zhoushan occupies 182km from east to west, and 169km from south to north.The city covers 22 thousand sq. kilometers, including a maritime area of 20800 sq. kilometers and a land area of 1440 sq.kilometers,with 1390 islands and 3306 skerries.There are 103 inhabited islands,boasting of the No.4 biggest island in China,with a principal island area of 503 sq.kilometers and a population of 970 thousand, the population density is 672 people per sq.kilometer.

History & Culture: Zhoushan has ancient names of Haizhongzhou,Yongdong,Wengshan or Changguo, etc. It was set up into a coutny in open Tang dynasty 26years(738),and was built into a city in March,1987.Zhoushan has a long history,people inhabted there in the Neolithic Age before 6000 years. Zhoushan has an outstanding personality, it is the hometown of Mr.Qiaoshi,the former chairman of the National People's Congress,Mr.Dong Jianhua, the first special head of Hongkong and the vice chairman of National Political Negotiation Congress, Mr.An Zijie,the former vice chairman of National Political Negotiation Congress.Zhoushan is the important place for coast defence from ancient time, and also is the Chinese-Western culture communication point and the beginning of maritime transportation of China-Japan and China-Korea.

Economic & Trade: Zhoushan is the top 100 cities of the most powerful integration strength in China, it is included in the first group of costal economic developing cities and the programme and develop in advance cities along Yangtse River and seashore in China . It is the most important ship building and repairing base , the aquatic products processing base, the the staple cargoes tansferring base and the maritime shipping and tourism base in China. During the tenth five-year period,the average grouth of Zhoushan national economic is 15%, the GDP per person is beyond 3300 USD. The industrial structure proportion of first, second and third is 14.3:39.5:46.2. The import and export amounts has exceeded 1.5 billion USD, with the export amount beyond 1 billion USD. Now, the .contract foreign capital is added up to more than 0.7billion USD,while the registered foreign capital is more than 0.3 billion USD.

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